Sunday, December 4, 2011

Susan Sargent's "The Comfort of Color"

I discovered this book at the library about a month ago.
The more and more I look at it, the more I love it!

If I wasn't a certified art teacher, I'd be a licensed interior designer.
 I am constantly re-arranging furniture in my little house
and playing with colors, texture, pattern and shapes like I did
when I was the proud owner of a delicate dollhouse that my
father made me for Christmas when I was seven years old.

This book, "The Comfort of Color" is a real gem in my collection of
design books. I really appreciate its eclectic style and bold use of color.

The author, Susan Sargent, is a nationally-known artist and author whose 
"color sense is simple and playful. She is a fan of rich, vibrant colors and
is not afraid to pair a hot pink chair with zebra print or lime green walls
with brown furniture." (

She earned her textile degree in Sweden and spent 15 years gaining
hands-on experience as an artist, dyer and weaver.
She makes gorgeous rugs that are wool tufted and hand-hooked.
Here are some of her rugs.

Aren't they beautiful!?

Susan also creates pillows, ceramics, bedding and glassware.
You can view her work at: