Monday, February 3, 2014

Finishing Starry Night Mural

 Problem Solved!
After deliberating for awhile as to what to do to fill in the gaps
of the Starry Night mural, I decided to use spackling paste.
I unscrewed caps along the gaps and then applied the paste.
After the spackling dried, I painted that section of the mural.

Once the paint dried, I glued back the caps and screwed them
down to the wood. Voila - much better!!

Below are photos of this 3 step process for two
different sections of the mural:
Step one: Spackling applied
Step two: Area painted

Step three: Caps glued and screwed down
Step one: Spackling added 

Step two: Area painted

Step three: Caps glued and screwed down


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hanging "Starry Night" Mural

The Creative Process Continues

My family and I moved to eastern Pennsylvania mid-August of 2013,
and, needless to say, my time has been limited as we
have been settling into our new lives.

Hence, this delayed post to bring viewers up-to-date on the
"Starry Night" bottle cap mural.

The final piece consists of six panels, each measuring 2' x 4' -
making the mural's total size approximately 8' x 8'.
Each panel was screwed into the wall using
drywall screws and anchors.

Once the mural was hung, some of the panels did not fit together
exactly right, leaving gaps in parts of the mural.

Visually, this really disrupted from the overall cohesiveness of the mural.

I just couldn't live with the mural looking this way and took some time
to brainstorm remedies to this situation.

Below are some photos showing these unfortunate gaps:

Check out the next post to see what I chose to do!