Monday, August 8, 2011

Radial Symmetry/Mandalas

Another art form I explored with my students at John Hay School of Architecture and Design was radial symmetry. Radial symmetry is: "a symmetrical arrangement of constituents, especially of radiating parts, about a central point."  Some examples I showed my students were wheels, sea stars and forms in architecture. Here is a visual:

The other example of radial symmetry I showed my students was mandalas. Mandalas are "any of various ritualistic geometric designs used in Hinduism and Buddhism as an aid to meditation" Here is an example I showed my students, thanks to my mentor's student archives:

After learning about radial symmetry and mandalas, some of my students created their own mandalas. Going in line with the theme for the art show at Cleveland's City Hall, these pieces were made from all recycled and found objects. Here they are:

FYI: The middle part of this piece kept sliding down. Darn that gravity!
Technically, it should be in the center of the piece. In the future, I will
make sure something like this is put together more securely.
*Definitions taken from 

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