Friday, August 5, 2011

Sculptor, David Smith

While at John Hay School of Architecture and Design, I taught a unit exploring the elements and principles of design in sculpture. I introduced my students to the sculptor, David Smith (March 9, 1906 - May 23, 1965), who was an American Abstract Expressionist artist best known for creating large steel abstract geometric sculptures. Here is an example of one of his works:

David Smith Cubi XIX, 1964 
Stainless Steel
Tate: Purchased 1966 
© Estate of David Smith/ VAGA, New York, DACS 2006

Knowing it would be difficult for my students to create a scuplture using steel of such a large scale, my mentor came up with the idea of starting with small scale sculptures using toothpicks and colored paper. This idea than translated into creating larger sculptures utilizing long, wooden 1" x 1" pieces of wood found in my mentor's basement. This piece also incorporated frozen orange juice lids to add an element of movement.
Here is the final product that was displayed at the City Hall art show:

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