Sunday, June 2, 2013

Choosing Design for Mural

Preparing the Mural for Painting

I love creating a new mural because each mural 
presents itself with new challenges. 
I find the creative process so thrilling!

How big will the mural be?

What is going to be the final design?

What type of surface will the mural be on?

Once these questions are answered, 
the next step is making it happen.

After talking to the principal, I decided we would make 
a pretty big mural - roughly 7' x 7'...the biggest as of yet for me.

I researched different images of Starry Night as I knew
our mural would be the stylized version of the original.
Here are some ideas I found to get the juices flowing:

Then it was a matter of creating our own design.

The class and I discussed colors and different parts of each image
that we liked or dis-liked. 

We finally came up with an outline that we 
could use to project on a surface.

Here is that image:

how to draw starry night step 6

Knowing that this final image would be "tweaked"
according to our needs, I felt okay about copyright.
This image served as a beginning outline just to get
our design ready for painting. 

Then it was a matter of figuring out what surface to put the image on! 
Knowing that I wanted the mural painted first, 
I decided on foam core.

In the past I have outlined the image directly to the wood and 
did not bother to paint at all.

This time, I thought it'd be better for the students to have 
the image painted first and then put down the caps.

Here is the image all laid out on foam core boards, 
enlarged with an overhead projector:

The small boards also make it easier for students
to spread out as they work.

Next step, painting the mural! 

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